Sunday, March 8, 2015

Auvaiyar Avathars

Auvaiyar the very famous and respected poets of Tamil literature. Not one, looks like there were many Auvaiyar's as believed by many foreign professors who did extensive research in Tamil and Dravidian linguistics and literature. Among them were Prof. Dr. Kamil Vaclav Zvelebil, George L. Hart and others. Auvaiyar I - Sangam Period Auvaiyar II - Post Sangam Period Auvaiyar III - Medieval Period A number of solitary stanzas have been subscribed to Auvaiyar. "The old lady' - very probably a term applied to more than one author; one of them composed didactic collection, another was a medieval poetess composing extempore verses. Most of this stanzas in venba form are witty, sometimes slightly ironical, often poignant and even profound comments and reflection, immensely popular; in fact, their authoress is a true people's poet, dealing with the common experience of the masses. It is, though, quite possible that Auvai the atuthoress of this stanzas is identical with the poetess of the gnomic collections. It is of course almost impossible to setup a date of this stray stanzas. There are many popular stories concerning her life, her relationship to Kamban and Ottakkuttan, the great poets of the Chola court, and she has become so popular that today films are made about her. In fact, as a person she "has passed into a dearly cherished myth". Here is her answer to the four basic questions of Hindu moral philosophy (virtue, wealth, pleasure, release): To give is virtue. That which is earned without foul means is wealth. Citation A History of Indian Literature - Tamil Literature by Dr. Kamil Veith Zvelebil

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