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Are Tamils Dravidians?

The people who were dislocated in the wake of submergence of Dwaraka were brought to the South by Sage Agsthya and they settled down throughout the regions of the the eastern parts of the western ghars. Kudremukh is a major region which is mentioned as Kuthirai malai in Pura nanuru. The Velirs who were regarded as the 3rd chain of Philanthropists (கடை ஏழு வள்ளல்கள்) ruled from Kuthirai malai (குதிரை மலை )

The veLIr clan appears to have descended from the northern yadus of dvAraka about 49 generations before the days of kapilar, the brAhmaNa poet in tamil. The most celebrated of the veLIrs was Ay aNDiran who ruled on the podimalai mountain, probably a rocky spur near Karur. The veLIrs appear to have emerged from the Dvaraka via the Konkans where they fought many a fierce battle and then settled in the Tamil country.

Tamilnadu was different from the regions ruled by Velirs. The land of the Velir king was Kudremukh which is part of Karnataka now. The Tamil kings could not accpet the Velirs and were all the times at loggerheads with them. One popular example is that Paari, a Velir king. These kings and numerous other sects brought by Agasthya had embraced the Tamillands as theirs. They seemed to know Tamil even before hand. Otherwise they could not have patronized Tamil and Tamil poets and earned the disticntion as patrons. Poetess Ouvaiyaar and poet Kapilar were well known personalities who have sung in praise of Velir Kings. Unless Tamil had been a widely spoken language, such an easy adaptation could not have happened.

Even the division of lands into 5 with Mullai lands of forest tracts seems to be introduced to accommodate the people of Dwaraka after their migration. Tholkaappiyar, originally known as Trunathumaagni, the foremost disciple of Agasthya spoke first about the lands allotted to migrated cowherds. 'காடழித்து நாடாக்கி' அந்த மக்களுக்கு வாழ இடம் செய்து தரப்பட்டது என்று நச்சினார்க்கினியர் தொல்காப்பியப் பாயிரஉரையில் கூறுகிறார். They later came to be called as Dravidas - ' those who ran away' by their kin who chose to migrate towards North through the Saraswathy Basin (which is now excavated as Harappan regions). The traces of those people settled in those areas are known as Indus Civilization. No wonder they share commonality with the people of the South because of the fusion of those people in Tamil lands.

Moreover unless Tamil had been a well known language of those times throughout Bharatha varsha - similar to how Hindi is known over most areas of India today - the easy merger with locals could not have happened for the Velirs. Their area of concentration was the present day Karnataka. That is why Dravida land was located in that part - along with Saurashtra in the Kurma Chakra from Pre-Varahamihira times onwards.

Finally it is all about the same culture throughout Bharatha varsha and predominance of Tamil throughout India. Tamil in Tamilnadu had retained its pristine purity. But the migrants from Dwaraka who must have known Sanskrit fused the two languages in course of time that gave rise to Kannada. Today the Kannadigas also have asked for classical status for Kannada. They quote the similarity of their language with the classical language, sanskrit. But the mix of Tamil in their language can not be disputed. Kannada is a by-product of two languages, perhaps fit enough to be called as Dravidian language as their area was called as Dravida in olden days.

Tamil on the other hand is different and unique. It is idiotic to deny the uniqueness of Tamil and ape for some Indus connection. The tradition and culture revealed by Sangam texts is intact. Violation of it by these brainless politicians is something unpardonable. Some day Historians will understand the truth of Tamil identity as unconnected with Dravidian identity. Let the Tamil speaking population shake off themselves from the brain washing and understand the truth.

Tamil kings and Tamil lands in the South as given in Mahabharatha

# Mbh.8.12.471
They consisted of Dhrishtadyumna and Shikhandi and the five sons of Draupadi and the Prabhadrakas, and Satyaki and Chekitana with the Dravida forces, and the Pandyas, the Cholas

# Mbh.7.23.1149
The mighty Sarangadhwaja, endued with wealth of energy, the king of the Pandyas, on steeds of the hue of the moon's rays and decked with armour set with stones of lapis lazuli, advanced upon Drona, stretching his excellent bow.

# Mbh.7.23.1151
Obtaining weapons then from Bhishma and Drona, Rama andKripa, prince Sarangadhwaja became, in weapons, the equal ofRukmi and Karna and Arjuna and Achyuta.

# Mbh.7.23.1155
Steeds that were all of the hue of the Atrusa flower bore a hundred and forty thousand principle car-warriors that followed thatSarangadhwaja, the king of the Pandyas.

# Mbh.2.14.593
And, O king of kings, Bhishmaka, the mighty king of the Bhojas, the friend of Indra, the slayer of hostile heroes, who governs a fourth part of the world, who by his learning conquered the Pandyas and theKratha-Kausikas, whose brother the brave Akriti was like Rama, the son of Jamdagni, hath become a servitor to the king of Magadha.

# Mbh.3.88.4821
And, O Yudhishthira, in the country of the Pandyas are the tirthas named Agastya and Varuna!

# Mbh.7.11.414
The Avantis, the Southerners, the Mountaineers, the Daserakas, theKasmirakas, the Aurasikas, the Pisachas, the Samudgalas, theKamvojas, the Vatadhanas, the Cholas, the Pandyas

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